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‍Purchase your mining rigs from us, and we’ll handle everything: shipping to our state-of-the-art data centers, maintenance, optimization, and secure transfer of freshly mined Bitcoin to your wallet.

Legal Disclaimer: Sazmining makes no representations about, and does not guarantee any results associated with Bitcoin mining. The profitability of Bitcoin mining activities depends on a variety of factors including but not limited to hash rate, block reward, mining difficulty, electricity cost, power consumption, mining pool fees, Bitcoin’s price, the lifespan of a mining rig (currently an average of 3-4 years), and difficulty increase.

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Earn $1,571 per month with 4 mining rigs.*

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An Antminer S19J PRO that you can purchase on Saz Mining
WhatsMiner M30S++ | 108TH/s, 3,348W

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You’re only four steps away from mining Bitcoin using 100% hydropower!

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We handle the shipping, logistics, and management of your rigs in our data centers.

Saz Mining sets up your rig in a facility that mines bitcoin
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Keep 85% of your mined BTC while we take a 15% management fee.

We only earn when you do!

Effortless and Efficient

With Sazmining, we handle all technical details, allowing you to focus solely on stacking sats.

Home Mining is a Pain

Expensive, technical, and loud.
Need we say more?

Maintenance is Key

Let us optimize your rig and handle the repairs so you keep hashing – our incentives are aligned!

Cheap Electricity is Rare

The average US power price is $.17/kWh – way too high to mine profitably.

Built for Bitcoiners

The Sazmining dashboard is your mining control center.

Oversee performance, payouts, ROI, and access powerful tools for a seamless experience.

“I’ve been using Saz for over a year, and it’s been a great experience. My rigs have stellar uptime, and the few times I’ve needed to reach out to them, they’ve had excellent customer service!”
Brian De Mint
Sazmining Customer and author of Bitcoin Evangelism

Your Bitcoin Mining Journey Begins Here

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How can I start mining Bitcoin with Sazmining?
In order to start mining, you first need to buy a miner. Currently, we offer two models that can be found here. Our hosting costs $95 or $120 per rig per month depending on the model.

We have long-term, fixed-price contracts, so you do not need to worry about provider rate fluctuations. Once you have purchased your rig, you will receive an email to set up your account, access your dashboard, pay your monthly hosting and connect your bitcoin wallet in order to receive the mining rewards.
How many rigs can I purchase?
We do not have a limit on the amount of rigs you can purchase at this time. Those interested in purchasing 20 or more mining rigs can schedule a call with our success team here.
Can I request a refund once I purchase my mining rigs?
No, we do not provide refunds for mining rigs once purchased. All sales are final.
Can I transfer my own rigs to Sazmining for service?
We're happy to help on a case-by-case basis when it comes to transferring rigs not purchased through us. However, we require a consultation with a mining specialist to determine if it’s the right move and do not accept all transfer applications. Please note that outside rigs do not come with a one-year warranty and will incur processing fees.

If you want to start mining ASAP, we advise you to purchase a brand-new mining rig from us and get all the benefits that come with it!
How profitable is mining with Sazmining?
To see how profitable mining with Sazmining can be, visit our purchase page here, which provides approximate costs. Sazmining follows the Galaxy model, and a detailed cost analysis is available here. Use the calculator here for more precise estimates.
Are there individual serial numbers assigned to each rig/customer?
Yes! Each mining rig purchased through Sazmining is registered to its respective owner via a unique serial number, which makes it easy to validate ownership and keep track of the rigs.
What happens if my machine's performance drops?
If a machine's performance drops below industry-standard reliability, you will be notified through your dashboard via the "Maintenance Mode" status. Our team will address the problem as soon as possible by diagnosing it and taking the necessary steps to solve it.All repairs are covered at no extra charge as part of your service subscription.
How long is the warranty period for my miner?
All mining rigs purchased through Sazmining come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty at this time.
What happens if my rig breaks?
If your rig breaks, our comprehensive on-site maintenance and repair services will cover everything except hashboard repairs. This ensures hassle-free operations and extends the longevity of your equipment.
Can I pay my Service Fee with my bitcoin mining profits?
Unfortunately, since mining rewards are deposited directly into your wallet, you cannot pay for the hosting fees using them. You can however set up an automated payment via credit card or sell your Bitcoin rewards to cover the monthly maintenance costs.
How long will my rig last?
With our expert maintenance and optimization, your mining rig is expected to last 3 to 5 years. Sazmining is dedicated to keeping your machine in excellent condition - ensuring it remains clean and operating at peak performance for the long haul!
Can I adjust how frequently the rewards are sent to my wallet?
Yes, you can modify how often rewards are sent to your wallet. To avoid high transaction fees, it's recommended that you mine a certain threshold of Bitcoin before transferring. The default setting is 0.04 BTC (400,000 satoshis), but you can adjust this in your account settings to whatever you prefer.
What is a mining pool?
A mining pool is a collaborative group of miners who combine their computational power to increase their chances of successfully mining a block and earning rewards. By pooling resources, they collectively enhance their chances of solving the cryptographic puzzles required to mine Bitcoin. Once a block is successfully mined, the rewards are distributed among the pool members in proportion to the computational power each miner contributed.
What do I need to mine Bitcoin?
You need a mining rig (ASIC), low-cost power, and a Bitcoin wallet for your rewards. We handle everything except your Bitcoin wallet, which remains entirely under your control. We never have access to your mined Bitcoins.
What is Bitcoin mining?
Bitcoin mining involves using Proof of Work (PoW) to transform energy into new Bitcoins on the Bitcoin network. Miners earn rewards by successfully adding new blocks containing transaction information to the blockchain. This activity not only produces new Bitcoin but also enhances the network's security.
What type of wallet should I use?
If you want to save on UTXOs and have more control over your funds, consider sending your payouts to an exchange wallet first. While sacrificing some privacy, this approach allows for more flexible management of your Bitcoin.

On the other hand, sending payouts directly to a hardware or cold wallet gives you ultimate control over your funds, but you'll need to manage UTXOs and potentially face higher transaction fees.
Why should I choose Sazmining?
We're the ultimate choice if you want to be involved in Bitcoin mining powered by clean, renewable energy!

Additionally, our incentives align with yours—we don't upcharge for electricity or rigs and only earn if you're stacking sats with us. With a stellar reputation among prominent Bitcoiners, we pioneered Bitcoin Mining as a Service and offer unmatched value and sustainability in the market.
What if I no longer want to use Sazmining's services?
Monthly Service Fees are non-refundable.

Equipment termination terms vary based on the service duration:

- Less than One Year: equipment is forfeited to Sazmining.
- More than One Year: Options include disposal ($100 per ASIC), transferring ownership to Sazmining, independent sale ($100 transfer fee per ASIC), offering equipment for purchase, or shipping it to you at your cost.

For detailed information, please visit our Terms and Conditions page.
How does Sazmining make money?
Our business strategy is simple: we take a 15% share of the block rewards, while 85% goes directly to your wallet. We don't earn if you don't earn! Our service fees cover the costs of operating and maintaining your mining rigs to a guaranteed performance standard.
Where is Sazmining located?
Sazmining is headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, but our data centers are located all over the world.
How do I avoid Bitcoin Mining Scams?
By following some simple steps, you can protect yourself from 99% of Bitcoin scammers out there.

Here's a list to consider:

Do your research: Thoroughly vet any mining operation you consider
Never share your hardware wallet seed phrases: We will never ask you for this
Protect your private information: Keep your personal data secure
Ask questions: If you're ever unsure about something, reach out to our team for clarification via support@sazmining.com
Confirm identities: Always verify the identity of team members before engaging on any platform
How can I learn more about Bitcoin Mining and get involved?
We love teaching people about Bitcoin, but we’re aware that people learn in different ways. To participate in our community, make sure that you’re following us on Twitter/X, and LinkedIn and subscribe to our newsletter.

When you mine with us, you’ll get even more (exclusive) access!
Do you ever hold or touch the BTC rewards I mine?
No way! Your Bitcoin is sent directly from the mining pool to your own wallet, so we never hold (or even touch) your rewards.


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Massive Market Opportunity - We are one of the only companies providing accessibility to the $76.6 billion methane-fueled Bitcoin mining market, with $1.8 million already raised in seed funding.
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