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Code is Law

What does "Code is Law" mean, and why does it matter?
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Bitcoin's Volatility

Why is Bitcoin volatile in the first place?
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Sazmining Podcast Episode 40: Brandon Quittem on How Energy Impacts Your Quality Of Life

In this episode of The Sazmining Podcast, Will speaks with Brandon Quittem, Head of User Acquisition at Swan Bitcoin. They discuss the role of crypto in the contemporary world, how will the government structure be in the future, cancel culture, and more.
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Sazmining Podcast Episode 39: Kent Halliburton on the Beginnings of a Revolutionary Company

In this episode of The Sazmining Podcast, Will speaks with Kent Halliburton, COO of Sazmining Inc. They discuss the story of Sazmining, current trends in Bitcoin, Sazmining's business model, and more.
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Sazmining Podcast Episode 38: Tim Sandau on the Newfound Possibilities with Crypto

In this episode of The Sazmining Podcast, Will speaks with Tim Sandau, CEO of Verakari. They discuss crypto trends, new developments in the energy sector, current geopolitical tensions, and more.
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Sazmining Podcast Episode 37: Julia Hamm on Carbon-Neutral Energy & Bitcoin

In this episode of The Sazmining Podcast, Will speaks with Julia Hamm, President & CEO of Smart Electric Power Alliance. They discuss carbon-neutral energy, the role of Bitcoin, the grid, predictions on the energy sector, and more.
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Sazmining Podcast Episode 36: Daniel Frumkin on the Endgame for Mining Pools

In this episode of The Sazmining Podcast, Will speaks with Daniel Frumkin, Chief Executive Officer at Metro Bank. They discuss Bitcoin cash, centralization issues in mining polls, how mining pools have evolved, and more.
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Sazmining Podcast Episode 35: Jeremy Kauffman on Shifting Control from Big Tech Giants to Creators

In this episode of The Sazmining Podcast, Will speaks with Jeremy Kauffman, Chief Executive Officer at LBRY. They discuss the future of small blockchains, the lightning network, Odysee, LBRY, disruptive technology and more.
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Sazmining Podcast Episode 34: Alex Gladstein on Bitcoin's Impact on the World

In this episode of The Sazmining Podcast, Will speaks with Alex Gladstein, Chief Strategy Officer at the Human Rights Foundation. They discuss Bitcoin's impact in the world, a philanthropist's view on mining, and how blockchain differs from its incumbent counterparts.
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Sazmining Podcast Episode 33: Fred Thiel on the Nuances of Bitcoin

In this episode of The Sazmining Podcast, Will speaks with Fred Thiel, CEO of Marathon Digital Holdings. They discuss the next phase of the energy industry, blockchain applications beyond Bitcoin, and more.
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Sazmining Podcast Episode 32: Sheldon Bennett on the Future of Blockchain

On this episode of The Sazmining Podcast, Will speaks with Sheldon Bennett, CEO of DMG Blockchain Solutions. They discuss differences between gold and crypto, Bitcoin as a global reserve asset, blockchain technology, and more.
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Sazmining Podcast Episode 31: Brett Garman on the Risks and Rewards of Bitcoin Mining

In this episode of The Sazmining Podcast, Will speaks with Brett Garman, President of The Blockyard LLC. They discuss Bitcoin's high's and low's, the risks associated with Bitcoin mining, and where the industry is headed.
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Sazmining Podcast Episode 30: Cary Hayes on Solar Panels and Cryptocurrency

On this episode of The Sazmining Podcast, Will speaks with Cary Hayes, President-America's at REC. They discuss the economics of solar panels, the physics of solar energy, and what miners should keep in mind about clean power.
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Sazmining Podcast Episode 29: Andrei Poliakov on the Important Risks of Interest Bearing Accounts

On this episode of The Sazmining Podcast, Will speaks with Andrei Poliakov, CEO and Co-Founder of Coinberry. They discuss how to work with regulatory bodies in crypto, interest bearing accounts in this space, and more.
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Sazmining Podcast Episode 28: Jason Urban on Institutional Mining

On this episode of The Sazmining Podcast, Will speaks with Jason Urban, Co-Head of Galaxy Digital Trading. They discuss institutional mining, the burgeoning ecosystem around supporting miners, and more.
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Sazmining Podcast Episode 27: John Schaeffer & John Perlin on the Unexpected and Humble Beginnings

On this episode of The Sazmining Podcast, Will speaks with John Schaeffer & John Perlin, founder and president of Real Goods Solar and historian of solar energy, respectively. They discuss the history of solar energy panels, how it impacts small towns, what society needs to change in the coming years, and more.
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Sazmining Podcast Episode 26: Jeff Booth on Bitcoin Versus Traditional Banking

In this episode of The Sazmining Podcast, Will speaks with Jeff Booth, author of The Price of Tomorrow. The discussion inflation, deflation, what makes Bitcoin so different than the traditional banking system, how Bitcoin mining affects society & energy consumption, and how to discuss Bitcoin mining's energy consumption in an effective way.
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Sazmining Podcast Episode 25: Sam Enoka on Crypto and Energy Markets

In this episode of The Sazmining Podcast, Will speaks with Sam Enoka, CEO and Founder of Greensparc. They discuss distributed computing, what crypto miners tend to overlook in energy markets, and more.
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Sazmining Podcast Episode 24: Ron Macdonald on the Environment & Energy

On this episode of The Sazmining Podcast, Will speaks with Ron Macdonald, CEO of Zinc8 Energy Solutions. They discuss the importance of green initiatives among corporations, the relationship between mining technology and material supply chains, and more.
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Sazmining Podcast Episode 23: Frank Holmes on Parallels between Gold Mining & Crypto Mining

In this episode of The Sazmining Podcast, Will speaks with Frank Holmes, CEO of Hive Mining. They discuss the similarities between gold mining and crypto mining, the role of high-process computing in crypto mining, crypto cycles, and more.
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Sazmining Podcast Episode 22: Lee Bratcher on Bitcoin Mining and the Environment

In this episode of The Sazmining Podcast, Will speaks with Lee Bratcher, President of the Texas Blockchain Council. They discuss the environmental impact of Bitcoin, how to frame discussions around Bitcoin's environmental impact, how Bitcoin miners affect the grid, and more.
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Sazmining Podcast Episode 21: David Magid on the Economics of Solar

In this episode of the Sazmining podcast, Will speaks with David Magid, CEO of YSG Solar. They discuss the economics of solar farming, the intersection between solar power and Bitcoin mining, and more.
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Sazmining Podcast Episode 20: Scot Johnson on Power Efficiency in Mining

On this episode of The Sazmining Podcast, Will speaks with Scot Johnson, Founder of Digital Shovel. They discuss the importance of power efficiency in Bitcoin mining, immersion cooling mining solutions, and more.
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Sazmining Podcast Episode 19: Chase Lochmiller on Energy & Cryptocurrency

On this episode of The Sazmining Podcast, Will speaks with Chase Lochmiller, CEO and Co-Founder of Crusoe Energy. They discuss the relationship between energy and cryptocurrency mining, how mining solves the flaring issue, and more.
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Sazmining Podcast Episode 18: Jesse Phillips on Modeling Bitcoin Mining

In this episode, Will speaks with Jesse Phillips, Manager at Binance. They discuss the nuances of modeling Bitcoin mining businesses, mining pools, cloud mining, and more.
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Sazmining Podcast Episode 17: JP Baric on Banking and Mining

In this episode of The Sazmining Podcast, Will speaks with JP Baric, Founder and CEO of MiningStore. They discuss the economics of mining, why more mining companies are going public, the relationship between traditional banks and mining companies, and more.
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Sazmining Podcast Episode 16: Aleksandar Kuzmanovic on the components of a blockchain system

In this episode of The Sazmining Podcast, Will speaks with Aleksandar Kuzmanovic, professor of computer science at Northwestern University and Founder of bloXroute Labs. They discuss the structure of a blockchain system, challenges that the blockchain industry faces, the future of blockchain, and more.
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Sazmining Podcast Episode 15: Neil Van Huis on Mining and Energy

In this episode of The Sazmining Podcast, Will speaks with Neil Van Huis, Director of Sales & Institutional Trading at Blockfills. They discuss the future of equipment manufacturing, interest rates, the relationship between mining and energy, and more.
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Sazmining Podcast Episode 14: Ethan Vera on scaling blockchain technologies infrastructure

In this episode of The Sazmining Podcast, Will speaks with Ethan Vera, CFO and Co-founder of Luxor Tech. They discuss how blockchain infrastructure can scale, decentralized finance, mining pools, and more.
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Sazmining Podcast Episode 13: Yael Tamar on Tokens and Tokenization

In this episode of The Sazmining Podcast, Will speaks with Yael Tamar, CMO and Partner at SolidBlock. They discuss tokenization, security tokens, the differences between utility tokens and security tokens, and more.
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Sazmining Podcast Episode 12: Russell Cann & Taras Kulyk on Capitalized Investments in Mining

In this episode of The Sazmining Podcast, Will speaks with Core Scientific's Russell Cann and Taras Kulyk, Chief Customer Success Officer and Senior Vice President of Blockchain Business Development, respectively. They discuss the nature of capitalized investments in mining, what future miners should keep in mind, how we should think of blockchain technology, and more.
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Sazmining Podcast Episode 11: Scott Hancock on Bitcoin Mining's Capital

In this episode of The Sazmining Podcast, Will speaks with Scott Hancock, Chief Business Development Officer of BitRiver Mining. They discuss artificial intelligence, the next Bitcoin halving, and the dynamics of capital allocation in Bitcoin mining.
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Sazmining Podcast Episode 10: Laura Vidiella on Crypto Myths and Crypto Technologies

In Episode 10 of The Sazmining Podcast, Will speaks with Laura Vidiella, Operations Manager at LedgerX. They discuss future trends of crypto miners, myths around the crypto industry, crypto regulations across the world, and more.
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Sazmining Podcast Episode 9: Lea Thompson on Blockchain Myths

In Episode 9 of The Sazmining Podcast, Will speaks with Lea Thompson, Founder of Girl Gone Crypto. They discuss common misunderstandings about blockchain, underrated benefits of Bitcoin, what a future of mass adoption of blockchain might look like, and more.
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Sazmining Podcast Episode 8: Rafael Cosman on Stablecoins and DeFi

In Episode 8 of The Sazmining Podcast, Will speaks with Rafael Cosman, CEO of TrustToken. They discuss the nature of stablecoin and DeFi markets, metrics that are crucial to understanding both, and more.
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Sazmining Podcast Episode 7: Kyle Herron on Challenges in the Mining Industry

In Episode 7 of The Sazmining Podcast, Will speaks with Kyle Herron, CGO of Frontier Mining. They discuss differences between GPU miners and ASIC miners, the regulations around mining, and more.
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Sazmining Podcast Episode 6: Rolf Versluis on the Landscape of ASICs

In Episode 6 of The Sazmining Podcast, Will speaks with Rolf Versluis, Co-Founder of Horizen. They discuss the current ecosystem of ASIC machines, virtual reality, how ZCash is different from other cryptocurrencies, and more.
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Sazmining Podcast Episode 5: Mason Jappa on Mining Equipment

In Episode 5 of The Sazmining Podcast, Will speaks with Mason Jappa, CEO of Blockware Solutions. They discuss differences between Bitcoin mining hardware and altcoin mining hardware, the process of developing a mine in the U.S., and more.
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Sazmining Podcast Episode 4: Jimmy Vaiopoulos on Bitcoin's relationship with fiat currency

In Episode 4 of The Sazmining Podcast, Will speaks with Jimmy Vaiopoulos, Interim CEO of Hut 8 Mining Corp. They discuss how COVID affected Bitcoin mining, the relationship between Bitcoin and fiat currency, hedging vs. trading, and more.
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Sazmining Podcast Episode 3: Sergii Gerasymovych on Bitcoin's Future and Mining Infrastructure

In Episode 3 of the Sazmining Podcast, Will speaks with Sergii Gerasymovych, CEO of EZ Blockchain. They discuss how EZ Blockchain uses digital mining and high-density computing as a physical tool to solve global waste energy and electrical load imbalance, as well as related topics.
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Sazmining Podcast Episode 2: Benoy Thanjan on Green Energy

In Episode 2 of the Sazmining Podcast, Will speaks with Benoy Thanjan, CEO of Reneu Energy. They discuss how each type of energy impacts the environment, future energy technologies that excite Benoy, contrasting energy policies across the world, and much more.
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Sazmining Podcast Episode 1: Peter Wall on the Cryptocurrency Industry

In Episode 1 of the Sazmining Podcast, Will speaks with Peter Wall, CEO of Argo Blockchain. They discuss the philosophy of blockchain, how to be an effective CEO, Argo's value in this ecosystem, how miners can scale up their operations, and much more.
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Wall Street's Attitude Towards Bitcoin

Wall Street's relationship with Bitcoin has changed over the years. In the end, Bitcoin draws everyone into it, even its detractors.
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Our CEO Will Szamosszegi on the State of the Bitcoin Mining Industry

It’s fair to say that miners and crypto enthusiasts alike can expect continued repercussions of the crypto market crash, including further restructurings and consolidation.‍With the greater crypto industry under unprecedented pressure, we are writing to affirm our commitment and wherewithal to withstand these challenging times.
Jul 26
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The Cypherpunks and Bitcoin's Precursors

Without the cypherpunks' early failures in creating a digital currency, Bitcoin would never have succeeded.
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Top Five Energy & Bitcoin Mining Developments of 2022 So Far

The first half of 2022 has been an exciting time for the marriage between energy and Bitcoin mining.
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Fiat Currency Drives Us Mad

Imagine a world in which the money supply increased at a gradual and predictable rate. Imagine a world without central banks that cause artificial booms and painful busts due to their credit expansion. Imagine a world in which the currency could actually be used for both calculating profit and loss and preserving your wealth. It is a world in which we would not be operating in the economic dark, where we would not be literally driven mad by a fiat currency run amok.
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Ethereum’s Funeral Watch

While it’s true that Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency worth comparing all others to, its status as this benchmark is not a matter of data-crunching.
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Barter Ties the Hands of Civilization

A world without money is a world of chaotic barter.
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The IMF is no Ally of Bitcoin

The logic of the relationship between the IMF and its clients is the same as that of governments and their citizens: the former says that they’re here to help, but there are always strings attached.
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Potpourri of Lightning

The clearest selling point of the Lightning Network is that it allows for quicker and cheaper Bitcoin trading.
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A Brief History of Miners

How have Bitcoin mining machines evolved since Bitcoin's birth?
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Deflation, Energy, and Bitcoin

‘Bitcoin fixes this’ is a trope for a reason. Imagine a world in which prices fall, power density rises, standard of living increases, and entrepreneurs are not operating in the dark. This is the world that the Bitcoin standard promises.
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Bitcoin 2022 Fortified the Network

Bitcoin 2022 in Miami cemented the fact that the Bitcoin community isn’t going anywhere; we know the threats Bitcoin faces, and we’re going to face each of them head-on in the coming years.
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Five Myths about Bitcoin Debunked

There are many misconceptions around Bitcoin. This blog fixes this.
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Why Bitcoin’s Energy Consumption is Good

Bitcoin miners are incentivized to seek the most cost-effective energy sources for their operations. Fortunately, they can mine from any location on Earth, and so they’ve flocked to energy sources like wind and solar that location-dependent industries cannot realistically access.
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Bitcoin in Africa

How is the Bitcoin ecosystem evolving in Africa?
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Top Five Bitcoin Podcasts that should be in your Feed

Curious about which podcasts will get you the most Bitcoin bang for your buck? Then this post is for you.
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Psychological Effects of Bitcoin

We don’t actually know the degree to which a Bitcoin standard will lower our collective time preference, but we can be certain that it will lower our time preference. Bitcoin will improve our ability to delay gratification, to invest capital towards evermore complex bouts of economic production, and to increase humanity’s net wealth via innovation.
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Introduction to Bitcoin’s Blockchain

The particular blockchain on which the Bitcoin network runs holds a record of every Bitcoin transaction since Bitcoin’s inception. This list of transactions is publicly available (hence the term “distributed ledger”), so any attempt to tamper with it is readily exposed.
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Gold Mining Versus Bitcoin Mining

To appreciate the value proposition of Bitcoin, it’s helpful to learn the similarities and differences between Bitcoin mining and gold mining.
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The Lightning Network’s Energy Use

Satoshi Nakamoto’s 2008 Bitcoin whitepaper described Bitcoin as “peer-to-peer electronic cash.” Since then, though, Bitcoin has become costly to trade. Nowadays, the digital currency is more analogous to gold than cash. So how can Nakamoto’s original dream be realized?
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Know Your Shipping Mode

Understanding how your freight will move based on the service you select can help you make the best decision for your freight. Since time equals money, many people want their crypto miners shipped and delivered quickly. However, fast transport is usually expensive. Let’s look at the different shipping modes and how they impact price and transit times.
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Five Green Bitcoin Mining Companies to Keep an Eye on

Who are the biggest players in renewable Bitcoin mining?
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Bitcoin Mining with Hydro Energy

Hydroelectric energy will only become more popular as a means of mining Bitcoin. Mining rigs are most effective when they run continuously and at relatively cool temperatures, for which hydro energy is perfect. Furthermore, Bitcoin mining can serve as a buffer for when hydropower supply exceeds demand. Whenever a region faces a heavy snow or rain season, Bitcoin mining can keep the hydroelectric dams profitable. To naysayers who see Bitcoin mining as a waste of electricity, I ask you: do you want renewable energy sources to survive or not?
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International Shipping: Getting Ready to Ship

International shipping can be a bit overwhelming. From terminology to paperwork, there are a few more details involved with international shipping than with a standard domestic shipment. Let’s take a look at what makes international shipping unique and what you will need when importing or exporting freight.
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How to Get an Accurate Shipping Quote

In working with numerous people and organizations in the crypto/blockchain world, one of the biggest challenges they face is navigating the logistics industry. Shipping equipment from point A to point B sounds simple in theory, but missing information can lead to delays or increased costs.
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The Bitcoin Hashrate and Energy Consumption

What is the Bitcoin hashrate, exactly? Why are people worried about it?
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Top Five Worldwide Leaders Who Favor Bitcoin

Who are the most Bitcoin-friendly politicians today? Find out here.
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Natural Allies: Bitcoin and Green Energy

In this post, I explain why green energy and Bitcoin are a perfect match.
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A Friendly Introduction to Bitcoin

A brief post explaining what Bitcoin is and why it matters.
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What is Bitcoin Mining?

An Overview on Bitcoin and what it means to Mine
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What is a Bitcoin Node?

The different kinds of nodes that exist on the Bitcoin network and how miners fit into it all
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Explaining the Bitcoin Halving

Understand the BTC Halving in under 5 minutes
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Beginners Introduction To Bitcoin and Blockchain

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Bitcoin Mining Around the World

Governments across the world vary greatly in their response to crypto mining. This post gives you the most important facts and trends happening in the Bitcoin mining ecosystem from a geopolitical perspective.
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Why Inflation?

We take for granted that prices rise over time. As shown in Figure 1, the consumer price index for items in American cities has increased dramatically since the 1940s.
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