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Check Out our New Facility!

Sazmining’s next mining facility is almost ready to go live! Check out pictures and a video that our President and COO, Kent Halliburton, took during his recent trip to the facility.
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Top 5 Sources for Bitcoin Analytics

These sites offer all the data, visuals, and analysis you'll ever need to track Bitcoin's market evolution.
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Twitter Spaces Transcript: Bitcoin Mining Services with Brett Garman

CEO of Guardrail Mining Brett Garman joins Will Szamosszegi and Kent Halliburton to discuss the Bitcoin mining repair industry, the year of Bitcoin mining, and what 2023 may bring to the intersection between Bitcoin mining and energy.
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Twitter Spaces Transcript: Bitcoin, Climate Change, and Academia with Margot Paez

Researcher Margot Paez joins Will Szamosszegi and Kent Halliburton to discuss her experience with Occupy Wall Street, how academia perceives Bitcoin, and the role of Bitcoin in building local communities.
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The Dangers of Non-Bitcoin Crypto

Pump-and-dump schemes are plaguing the world of cryptocurrency in part because people simply do not understand it.
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Sazmining Podcast: Jason Maier on Bitcoin for Progressives

Will speaks with Jason Maier, a teacher and progressive Bitcoiner. He is dedicated to making Bitcoin accessible to all people, including liberals and progressives worldwide. This episode covers, education on Bitcoin, spreading awareness, turning trash into Bitcoin, and so much more.
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A Humanitarian Manual for Bitcoin

Cuen's Bitcoin guide for NGOs is a landmark in Bitcoin’s short history–no longer can anyone assert that Bitcoin has no use cases, nor that Bitcoin is merely a speculative asset for rich Westerners. Nonprofit organizations across the world now have an additional weapon in their arsenal, and it is one whose efficacy will only increase with time.
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Twitter Spaces Transcript: Bitcoin & Environmentalism with Daniel Batten

Cleantech investor and lifelong environmentalist activist Daniel Batten joins Will Szamosszegi and Kent Halliburton to discuss Greenpeace's recent campaign against Bitcoin, the importance of orangepilling environmentalists, and his research showing that Bitcoin is a net positive for the environment.
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Twitter Spaces Transcript: Financializing Bitcoin with Laura Vidiella

Laura Vidiella, VP of BD & Strategy at LedgerPrime, joins Will Szamosszegi and Kent Halliburton to discuss financial products built on top of Bitcoin, and how finance is evolving to adapt to Bitcoin.
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Takeaways from Our Twitter Spaces with Daniel Batten

Daniel Batten joined our latest Twitter Spaces to discuss his discovery that Bitcoin is our greatest tool to curb climate change via methane mitigation, the importance of orangepilling the environmentalist community, and Greenpeace's recent attack against Bitcoin.
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