Welcome to the Bitcoin frontier

We are a sustainable Bitcoin mining platform for regular people.

Sazmining connects investors like you to renewable energy mining facilities in a simple, fully managed experience.

Our vision is to transform how people relate to money and energy. Enabling individuals to participate in mining ensures a bright future for Bitcoin.

We aggregate customer demand to reduce renewable energy and mining rig cost

Our platform pools customer capital to bulk order discounted mining rigs and negotiate for low-cost, long-term renewable energy contracts.

Our mission is to unlock this massive investment opportunity for everyday people and solve Bitcoin's "Achilles' heel" of energy wastefulness through sustainable energy use.

No markups

Our mission is to make it affordable for people to purchase and mine Bitcoin sustainably. Towards that, we are offer mining rigs at cost.

We make a profit by being long-term partners with our customers, through a commission earned on bitcoin mined. We don't profit unless our customers are profiting
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We win, when our customers win

Transparent pricing

No hidden fees, and fully aligned incentives.

Best-in-class equipment and facilities

We manage the equipment and facility, saving you time and money.

Renewable energy

All our facilities are powered by renewable energy.


Mining should be as easy as signing up for a Netflix subscription.

Meet the Team

We are entrepreneurs, technologists and Bitcoin miners who care deeply about keeping Bitcoin decentralized and sustainable.
William Szamosszegi
Founder & CEO
Will is an entrepreneur and Bitcoin evangelist improving humanity’s relationship with time, money & energy. Will is the recipient of Bucknell’s venture grant, a finalist in SXSW’s Digital Entrepreneurship Tournament, a Forbes Fellow, and a regular speaker on Bitcoin mining at conferences across the globe.
Kent Halliburton
Kent is a business operator with deep expertise in Bitcoin mining and solar energy. Kent led sales and business development for a publicly-traded solar energy company, managing a team of more than 100 people with a 9 figure sales target.
Patrick Hidalgo
Patrick is a fixed income capital markets executive specialized in scaling startups. Patrick was CFO of Bitt, which launched the world’s first central bank digital currency for a monetary union, and helped grow Proprietary Capital, a mortgage derivative hedge fund, from $100M to $600M in assets under management.

Key Advisors

We are proud of the Advisors who are supporting the Sazmining mission.
Sarah McKenna
Sarah specializes in bringing new products, brands and business models to market. She is the Managing Director of AJ&Smart, one of the leading product strategy and design teams in the world; winning 2020 product of the year for both Google and Apple and working with brands like Grammarly, Google, Twitter, Zero, Amex, Zalando, Adidas, BD Health, Neom and Mercedes. Sarah holds a Bachelor, Master and technical certifications from Wharton, MIT and Oxford.
Paul Wehner
Paul is a serial entrepreneur specializing in financial technology. He is the Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of SFB Technologies, a venture-backed company selected to lead the development of the world’s first decentralized legal tender, the SOV, for the Republic of the Marshall Islands and previously led Product Management for the e-commerce vertical of Endeca Technologies which was purchased by Oracle for $1.1 billion. Paul holds a Bachelor degree in Finance from MIT.
Cary Hayes
Cary specializes in sales leadership, team empowerment, strategic business development, and ability to close deals. He is a proven sales leader with an ability to attract, empower, and motivate sales teams to outperform goals. He has experience as Vice President of Sales and Business Development with Clean Focus, Vice President of Sales and Marketing with Pristine Sun LLC, and Director of Business Development with REC Solar. He is now President-America’s with REC Group, the largest residential solar panel provider in the United States. Cary holds a Bachelor of Arts from Colorado State University.
Brandon Quittem
Brandon specializes in distilling complex information into simple, actionable intelligence. As Head of User Acquisition, he is currently building Swan Bitcoin, which allows users to accumulate Bitcoin with automatic recurring buys and instant buys. He has experience as Partner with Decrypt[Ed] and Bitcoin Analyst & Researcher with Invest in Blockchain Media. Brandon holds a Bachelor of Science, Sales, Marketing, Entrepreneurship from the University of Minnesota.
Benoy Thanjan
Benoy is a proven strategist for success in solar energy investment and development. For the last decade, he has been at the forefront of the emerging renewable energy industry. He has worked on all facets of the development of renewable energy power projects. This includes initial site evaluation, permitting, financing, source equipment, and negotiating the long-term energy and environmental commodities off-take agreements. He is currently the CEO and Founder of Reneu Energy, which sources solar opportunities for developers and investors and provides assistance in analyzing these opportunities. Benoy holds a BS in Finance/Economics from the NYU Stern School of Business and an MBA in Finance from Rutgers University.
Troy Cross
Troy is a professor of philosophy and humanities at Reed College and a Fellow at the Bitcoin Policy Institute. He speaks and writes extensively about the intersection between Bitcoin, Bitcoin mining, energy, and environmentalism. Troy is a proven thought leader in the Bitcoin industry pioneering a new approach to Bitcoin mining sustainability. Troy holds a PhD in philosophy from Rutgers University.
Scott Kerbel
Scott is a venture investor in crypto and derivatives. He operates at the intersection of emerging financial technologies, digital assets, and derivatives. He is also an advisor to forward-looking crypto, blockchain, payments, and other fintech entities. Scott spent two decades as Managing Director with HSBC Securities. Scott is currently Partner at Knickerbocker Financial Group, a funding and advisory platform for fast-growing companies. Scott earned his education at The George Washington University.
John Schaeffer
John Schaeffer is an American environmentalist, entrepreneur, and author who has been promoting renewable energy since the mid-1970s. He founded Real Goods, a sustainable lifestyle catalog, and Real Goods Solar, a solar electric system installation business in California and Colorado.


Sazmining is a pre-vetted and institutional-grade sustainable, global technology opportunity

Massive Market Opportunity - We are one of the only companies providing accessibility to the $76.6 billion methane-fueled Bitcoin mining market, with $1.8 million already raised in seed funding.
World-Class Product - industry titans who have designed for TikTok, Grammarly, Slack, and Twitter have come together to build Sazmining's user-friendly platform.
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The Road To Sustainable Money

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