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Rig Transfer Requirements

Rigs Requirements
28.5 J/TH or better efficiency
110TH or better
Currently operating to spec or new in box
Located in USA

Rig Quantity Minimums
Wisconsin Site: no minimum
Paraguay Site: 50 rig minimum + 3 month power deposit + shipping/import costs (to be quoted
on a case by case basis)

Models accepted (not a comprehensive list)
S19k Pro
S19j Pro+ 117/120/Th
S19j Pro 110/Th
M50, M50S, M50S+

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Costs include shipping to Paraguay, duties, taxes, and deployment.
Customers are responsible for shipping their rigs to our logistics partner's warehouse in Montana for freight forwarding to our hosting facilities outside of the
United States


How can I start mining Bitcoin with Sazmining?
In order to start mining, you first need to buy a miner. Currently, we offer two models that can be found here. Our hosting costs $104 or $115 per rig per month depending on the model.

We have a 4 year electricity agreement, so you do not need to worry about provider rate fluctuations. Once you have purchased your rig, you will receive an email to set up your account, access your dashboard, pay your monthly hosting and connect your bitcoin wallet in order to receive the mining rewards.
How many rigs can I purchase?
We do not have a limit on the amount of rigs you can purchase at this time. If you are interested in purchasing more than 15 mining rigs and would like to talk to our success team before hand you can contact us directly.
Can I request a refund once I purchase my mining rigs?
We do not offer refunds for purchased rigs. All sales all final. We do however a buyback program to all of our customers.
How Profitable is mining with Sazmining?
You can view profitability on our purchase page here to estimate your mining profits based on the specific amount of rigs you wish to purchase.
Are there individual serial numbers assigned to each rig/customer?
Yes! Each mining rig purchased through Sazmining is registered to its respective owner via a unique serial number, which makes it easy to validate ownership and keep track of the rigs.
What happens if my machine's performance drops?
You will be notified if a machine's performance drop's below industry standard reliability through your dashboard. Our team will address the problem as soon as possible by diagnosing the issue and taking the next steps to solve the problem. We will fix any non-hardware-related issues free of charge. If a repair is needed, we will offer repairs at-cost.
How long is the warranty period for my miner?
As of right now, all rigs sold through Sazmining come with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
What happens if my rig breaks?
Everything but hashboard repairs are included with our comprehensive on-site maintenance and repairs insuring hassle-free operations and enhanced equipment longevity.
Can I pay my monthly energy & maintenance fees with my bitcoin mining profits?
Unfortunately, since mining rewards are deposited directly into your wallet, you cannot pay for the hosting fees using them. You can however set up an automated payment via credit card or sell your Bitcoin rewards to cover the monthly maintenance costs.
How long will my rig last?
Under properly maintained conditions we anticipate a mining rig lasting between 3 to 5 years. There will be maintenance needed on your machine to keep it clean and humming for years to come. We’ll take care of that for you.
Can I adjust how frequently the rewards are sent to my wallet?
Yes. Because there are transaction fees each time a reward is sent to a wallet, you'll want to mine sufficient bitcoin before sending the rewards to your wallet. We set the default to .01 BTC but you're welcome to adjust it in your account settings.
What is a mining pool?
Because there are thousands and thousands of miners competing to produce the next block and earn rewards, individual miners pool their computational power in mining pools. Any rewards earned by the mining pool are then fairly distributed according to each miner's contribution. We offer the choice of two mining pools with one-click setup.
What do I need to mine Bitcoin?
You will need a mining rig, which is a special computer called an ASIC, low cost power, and a Bitcoin wallet to deposit the rewards. We handle everything except your Bitcoin wallet, which is yours and only yours. By design, we never have access to your mined Bitcoins.
What is Bitcoin mining?
Bitcoin mining is the process that converts energy into new Bitcoins on the Bitcoin network. New Bitcoins are rewarded to the miner who successfully creates the next block on the Bitcoin blockchain. The process of mining not only results in new Bitcoin, it also helps to secure the network.
What type of wallet should I use?
Due to transaction fees we recommend sending your payouts to an exchange wallet first and then deciding from their what you would like to do with your BTC. If you send your payouts directly to a hard wallet you will experience higher fees due to the lack of transactional batching.
Why should I choose Sazmining?
Sazmining is aggregating Bitcoin mining demand and meeting it with clean, renewable energy in the easiest to access way available on the market. Simply put, there is no better value out there. Believe me, we looked...and it's why we started Sazmining.
What if I no longer want to host my rig with Sazmining?
We are currently offering a buyout program and are planning to offer quarterly bulk return shipment to customers who no longer wish to host their rigs with us.
How does Sazmining make money?
Our business strategy is simple: 85% of block rewards directly to your wallet, 15% to Sazmining. We don't earn if you don't earn. Since the rewards are directly sent from the mining pool, Sazmining ensures a non-custodial approach, meaning your Bitcoin remains untouched and secure in your own wallet. We care for and manage your mining rigs to a guaranteed performance standard. Our power price covers not only power prices, but all costs associated with operating and maintaining your rig to a guaranteed standard.
Where is Sazmining located?
Sazmining is headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, but our mining facilities are located all over the world.
How do I avoid Bitcoin Mining Scams?
We vet our facilities and team members thoroughly in order to do everything in our power to ensure your bitcoin mining experience exceeds your expectations.However, as with anything, bad actors are out there

Here are a few tips to protect yourself:
Do your research
- Never share your hardware wallet seed phrases.
- We will never ask you for this.
- Protect your private information
- Ask questions to our team if you are ever unsure
- Confirm the identity of any team members
How can I learn more about Bitcoin Mining and get involved?
In addition to reserving the ability to purchase mining rigs and hosting space, by joining our waitlist you will gain access to exclusive AMA's, video content, and newsletters.Additionally, you can check out The Sazmining Podcast for discussions from industry leaders.
Do you ever hold or touch the BTC rewards I mine?
Since the rewards are directly sent from the mining pool, Sazmining ensures a non-custodial approach, meaning your Bitcoin remains untouched and secure in your own wallet.