Our CEO Will Szamosszegi on the State of the Bitcoin Mining Industry

It’s fair to say that miners and crypto enthusiasts alike can expect continued repercussions of the crypto market crash, including further restructurings and consolidation.

With the greater crypto industry under unprecedented pressure, we are writing to affirm our commitment and wherewithal to withstand these challenging times.

Sazmining is one of the most cost-efficient and value-driven newcomers to the Bitcoin mining space. We are in a strong and healthy position to meet our obligations to our customers and the industry at large.

To this end, we reiterate our founding pledge to:

  • Tie our Success to our Customers' Success
  • Maintain the highest possible ethical standards
  • Operate with full transparency to auditors and regulators
  • Ensure the quality of uninterrupted service provision
  • Shun such business practices as risky contract loopholes
  • Capitalize on opportunities to bring greater value to our customers

Our customers can rest assured knowing that Sazmining will not only navigate these challenging times, but will strengthen our position as a leading force in energy-efficient turnkey bitcoin mining services. 

We encourage our customers, colleagues and partners to reach out with any questions.

Will Szamosszegi

Founder and CEO


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