Sazmining and Nova Stars: Building Champions with the Power of Water and Bitcoin

Sazmining and Nova Stars: Building Champions with the Power of Water and Bitcoin

Sazmining is excited to announce our collaboration with Nova Stars, a leading football club in Paramaribo, Suriname!

Inspired by Peter McCormack's Real Bedford, Nova Stars aims to become the "Real Bedford of South America" by building a substantial Bitcoin treasury, paying employees in Bitcoin, and educating everyone about sound, decentralized money.

This partnership highlights Sazmining's support of Suriname's rich hydropower resources and promotes a sound money standard while fostering community engagement, combating inflation, and having a ton of fun.

About Nova Stars

Nova Stars, a project by GiveBack Suriname, is a football club dedicated to the holistic development of young athletes.

The club offers:

  • Football Training: High-quality programs focusing on individual and team development.
  • Academic Support: Homework assistance and tutoring to ensure educational excellence.
  • Personal Development: Workshops on nutrition, mental health, leadership, and career planning.
  • Community Environment: A supportive atmosphere treating everyone as part of an extended family.

Building a Bitcoin Treasury

Following in Real Bedford's footsteps, Nova Stars aims to build a robust Bitcoin treasury. Sazminig will donate renewably mined Bitcoin to the club on a monthly basis, securing the club’s financial future and promoting Bitcoin as sound money in Suriname and abroad.

Harnessing Hydropower and Promoting Sound Money

Suriname’s hydropower resources provide a clean, renewable energy source perfect for Bitcoin mining, should they choose to do so. Promoting this initiative via Nova Stars reduces carbon emissions and supports energy independence for a country ripe for innovation and human flourishing. Building a Bitcoin treasury also helps hedge against Suriname’s 21% inflation, offering financial stability to the community.

Community Engagement

Our collaboration extends beyond football and Bitcoin.

We are committed to:

  • Educational Programs: Supporting Nova Stars in expanding educational resources for youth.
  • Economic Empowerment: Creating job opportunities at the intersection of football and technology, boosting local economic growth, and fostering freedom.
  • Inflation Mitigation: Promoting Bitcoin and sound money to provide a stable financial environment.

Expected Outcomes

  • Sustainable Growth: Education about environmentally friendly Bitcoin mining using hydropower.
  • Enhanced Welfare: Improved educational and sports programs for youth that allow them to have a purpose and grow into their best selves.
  • Economic Opportunities: Job creation and skill development for the local workforce.
  • Financial Stability: A resilient Bitcoin treasury mitigating the effects of inflation.

The Sazmining and Nova Stars collaboration marks a significant step towards sustainability and financial stability in Suriname. We aim to create a lasting, positive impact by harnessing the power of Bitcoin and renewable energy.

Join us in this journey towards a brighter future!

About Sazmining

Sazmining is a leading Bitcoin mining company focused on sustainability and innovation. Offering Bitcoin mining as a service, we use 100% hydropower for our operations to reduce environmental impact and allow anyone to stack sats just like Satoshi.

About Nova Stars

Nova Stars is a premier football club in Suriname that fosters young talent and community development. Through various programs, Nova Stars positively impacts its players and the broader community and is a positive force for good in a rapidly changing world.

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