Keeping the Lights On: Understanding the Landscape of Bitcoin Mining in Paraguay

Dear Sazmining Community,

Recently, a wave of concern has swept through our industry, fueled by discussions of a potential legislative change in Paraguay that could impact the future of Bitcoin mining. As your trusted partner in the mining journey, I want to address these concerns and provide a clear picture of where we stand and how we're navigating these waters together.

First and foremost, while understandable, the fear surrounding a potential ban on Bitcoin mining in Paraguay is something we have thoroughly investigated. After delving deep into the issue and consulting with industry experts, we're confident there's no immediate cause for alarm. 

Here's why:

Nuanced Government Stance

It's essential to recognize that a diversity of opinions regarding Bitcoin mining exists within the Paraguayan government. Notably, the Minister of Industry and Commerce has expressed a preference for utilizing the country's excess energy for productive endeavors like mining rather than exporting it. This indicates a more supportive stance towards our industry, suggesting that any legislative moves would likely aim to regulate, not eradicate.

Economic Impact

A ban on Bitcoin mining would affect not only miners but the Paraguayan state itself, potentially forfeiting over 100 million dollars in revenue from formal mining operations. This significant economic consideration will be crucial in legislative decisions, making a total ban less likely.

Legislative Hurdles

History shows that similar proposals have faced considerable challenges in passing through all the necessary legislative stages. The most recent attempt in 2022 did not succeed, suggesting that any new proposal might encounter similar obstacles, providing a buffer against a swift or sudden ban.

Sazmining's Position

Our operations have always been designed with resilience in mind. We do not rely on grid power from Ande, positioning us uniquely to withstand potential regulatory changes. Regardless of the legislative outcomes, we are prepared to continue our operations, ensuring your mining activities remain unaffected.

Ongoing Developments and Further Reading

The situation is undoubtedly fluid, with discussions ongoing and alternative legislation being proposed that could benefit both Bitcoin miners and Paraguay's economy. We are monitoring these developments closely, advocating for regulations that support sustainable growth for our industry within Paraguay.

For those seeking a deeper dive into the proposed ban's specifics and implications, I recommend reading Nico Smid's insightful analysis, "Mining Ban Paraguay; a Hundred Million Dollar Mistake," published by Digital Mining Solutions. Furthermore, Cointelegraph's recent coverage provides an up-to-date view of the legislative process.

We'll Keep You Updated

Our commitment to transparency and communication remains unwavering as we navigate these challenges. We understand the concerns that arise with uncertainty, and it's our top priority to keep you informed and confident in your mining endeavors with Sazmining.

Together, we'll continue illuminating the path forward, ensuring that our collective mining efforts contribute positively to Paraguay's future and the global Bitcoin community.

Thank you for your continued trust and support!


Kent Halliburton
CEO, Sazmining

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