Improved Conditions and Consistent Performance in Paraguay

Dear Sazmining Community,

In our continuous effort to maintain transparency and keep you informed, we are pleased to share the latest updates on our Paraguay mining facility. While we faced immense challenges last summer, the situation has significantly improved.

Current Facility Status

Our Paraguay facility now boasts an annualized uptime of more than 92%, a substantial improvement from the lows of 40% experienced last summer. This progress reflects our ongoing commitment to operational excellence and our efforts to mitigate previous issues caused by unpredictable weather conditions.

Operational Enhancements

We have successfully integrated strategies to ensure minimal curtailment and maximize uptime:

  • Utility Integration and Sleep Mode: Utility integration enables better demand response by allowing utilities to manage power usage more efficiently. Sleep mode allows machines to enter a low-power state rather than shutting down completely, enabling continuous data collection and faster resumption of operations.
  • Precision Billing: Our new billing system is now fully operational. It ensures that you only pay for the power you consume, reflecting our commitment to fair and transparent practices. When curtailment happens, don’t worry - you’ll never pay for power you don’t use.

Customer-Centric Approach

Because Sazmining incentives are aligned with our customers, our primary goal is to keep our customers operational as much as possible. Keeping with our customer-centric approach, we have overhauled our automated systems to ensure accurate billing and improved customer satisfaction. Additionally, our team of dedicated operators in Paraguay have also stepped up their game and consistently work to maintain and improve uptime, even in the face of unpredictable weather.

Billing and Customer Support

We have revamped our billing process to reflect precise power consumption, ensuring fair and transparent practices. Additionally, ongoing improvements to the mining dashboard will be completed during Q3, offering more insights and transparency to our clients.

Community Engagement

We continue to hold monthly town hall meetings to address clients' concerns and questions. Sent via email and held on Google Meet, these meetings provide an open forum for discussion and ensure that clients remain well-informed about our operations.

Future Plans and Upcoming Developments

We are excited about the future of our operations in Paraguay. Our focus remains on maximizing uptime, optimizing operational efficiency, and ensuring the satisfaction of our clients. As we continue to expand and improve, we appreciate your ongoing support and trust in Sazmining.

Thank you for being a part of our journey!



The Sazmining Team

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