Bitcoin Mining using Hydropower in Wisconsin - Our First Mining Facility!

Sazmining’s next mining facility is almost ready to go live! Our President and COO, Kent Halliburton, recently visited the facility, located in Wisconsin, USA, and returned with tons of pictures and videos of the entire operation.

This facility, located in Wisconsin, runs on hydropower, which fulfills our promise to you that all of our Bitcoin mining rigs run on renewable energy. As is common with hydropower plants, the facility is located next to a man-made dam that diverts the natural flow of a nearby river. This way, electricity may be generated by a never-ending stream of water. Turbines and generators convert the water’s kinetic energy into electricity, which then feeds your Bitcoin miners.

The dam that powers the bitcoin mining rigs
The dam that powers your mining rigs!


Hydropowered Dam

This particular dam was built in the 1920s. Somewhat ironically, its age makes it more reliable! For example, this facility is one of only a few in the United States that could properly kickstart the grid if necessary. Our generators can save parts of the grid should they ever suffer from blackouts. 

In particular, our generators and transformers were made by Westinghouse, an American manufacturing company founded way back in 1886.

George Westinghouse, the company’s founder, played a pivotal role in the so-called War of the Currents. He and Nikola Tesla fought with Thomas Edison over whether direct current (DC) or alternating current (AC) would define our electricity system. Westinghouse and Tesla advocated for AC, which eventually won out over DC. Sazmining has hitched its wagon to the victor of this little-known but historically monumental battle.

Continuing the Era of Hard Money

Many of you may understand the deleterious effect that the fiat standard has on our time preference, as Saifedean Ammous explains in both The Bitcoin Standard and The Fiat Standard. As the fiat standard has shortened everyone’s time horizons, modern construction pays no respect to its surroundings. Short-term profits always win out over long-term thinking. Thus, Nature is destroyed, overconsumed, and disrespected.

Because our facility was built during the era of the gold standard, its original stewards had a far lower time preference than contemporary builders do. Consequently, our facility is much better integrated with the natural world around it than modern construction. For example, our facility has nearby canoe campsites that are completely unaffected by the goings-on of our machinery. Similarly, the eagles, turkeys, deer, and wolves in the area are in zero danger from our work.

There’s something poetic about setting up our Bitcoin mining operation in a facility that was built during the gold era. We’re continuing the hard money, low time preference legacy of our ancestors, proudly skipping over the dark era of the fiat standard.

Kent Haliburton standing in front of Saz bitcoin mining facility's generator
One of our facility’s generators.


Bitcoin Miners will keep Mining

You won’t have to worry about the hydropower ever failing to keep your rigs running continuously. Our bitcoin mining facility also includes a backup power source that runs on solar, which is shown below.


Kent Haliburton standing in front of a solar panel at the bitcoin mining facility in Wisconsin
Backup solar power source.


Of course, our hydroelectric power means nothing if it’s not connected to Bitcoin miners. Check out the photo below to see our machines, ready to go at a moment’s notice. We have space for 350 rigs at this facility, and about 90% of them have already been reserved by wait list customers – if you have friends and family considering, tell them not to delay!

We have onsite 24/7 maintenance, so if you ever have any issues with your rig(s), you’ll be taken care of in very short order.

saz mining's bitcoin miners aka digital shovel machines
Our Digital Shovel machines.


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Sazmining Only Makes Money When You Do

Like all good Bitcoiners, we at Sazmining take the alignment of incentives seriously. Because our revenue comes from a small fraction of the Bitcoin that your rigs mine, we only make money when our customers make money. The hard work that we put into acquiring this facility and making sure that it is as efficient and productive as possible reflects these aligned incentives.

With Sazmining, you can be sure that your rigs will consistently generate never-before-held Bitcoin as passive income.

Our Wait List is at 90% Capacity

Once you sign up for our wait list, you’ll have access to our exclusive Telegram group, where you’ll be able to interact with other customers and executive members of the Sazmining team. We chat about all things Bitcoin, mining, and energy, and we happily answer any questions that customers have for us.

Our wait list customers will be able to purchase their rigs in just a few weeks. Their rigs will go live and start mining shortly thereafter, generating passive income by way of the hardest asset humanity has ever known.

Begin Your Bitcoin Mining Journey with Sazmining

Sazmining is incredibly excited for you to begin your Bitcoin mining journey with us. Everything is going according to plan: we’ve done the background work, the facility is fully functional, and your rigs are ready to begin mining Bitcoin.

I urge you to watch the short video of Kent’s trip to our facility. His excitement is infectious. I know you can feel it, too.

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