Top Five Bitcoin Podcasts that should be in your Feed

The Bitcoin Standard

Saifedean Ammous, author of The Bitcoin Standard, hosts a brilliant podcast of the same name. Each episode is a one-on-one conversation with a subject matter expert. The episodes range from one to three hours. Each one packs more knowledge than you’d hope to learn from an entire college course. Saifedean has a gift for explaining far-reaching ideas in a matter-of-fact, elegant, digestible, and entertaining style.

Saifedean doesn’t limit himself to just Bitcoin. He appreciates that Bitcoin has political, economic, and societal ramifications. This is why, for example, his episode with Jeff Deist, president of the Mises Institute, is so valuable for Bitcoin fans. Listeners will learn about the true nature of economics that they didn’t learn in school.

Another episode that I’d highly recommend is his nearly three-hour discussion with Michael Saylor. This is informational gold for investors of all scales.

The “What is Money?” Show

Ex-hedge fund manager and freedom maximalist Robert Breedlove’s podcast, The “What is Money?” Show, is where Bitcoin and philosophy meet. Breedlove is a friendly host who is clearly thinking out loud on the podcast. He often hosts guests for a series of episodes. This gives Breedlove the time to walk through every alley in the guests’ minds.

Breedlove covers history, philosophy, the nature of property, and civilization itself. Of course, Bitcoin is the anchor in all of these wide-ranging conversations. If you’ve ever wondered how Bitcoin can possibly be property, what Statism is, or how economic calculation works, this show is for you.

To get a feel for the show, I’d recommend ‘The Song Series’ with Jimmy Song. The two of them talk about ideas that are at once controversial and mind-blowing. Episode 1 of the series, “Time, Capital, and Civilization,” will give you a new perspective on how the world works.

Bitcoin Audible

Some people prefer to learn through articles rather than books. Guy Swann filled a wide-open niche in the Bitcoin education space — he reads Bitcoin articles on his podcast, Bitcoin Audible. If you’re someone who would love to binge a bunch of Internet material on Bitcoin but don’t know where to start, this podcast is perfect for you.

Swann also provides his own commentary, which is helpful for some of the more technical articles. Unlike Breedlove and Saifedean, Swann tends to cover the more day-to-day happenings in the Bitcoin world. For example, he’ll read an article on the state of the Lightning Network, or on the Great Hash Migration.

The Pomp Podcast

Entrepreneur and investor Anthony Pompliano knows how to have a good time. His podcast, The Pomp Podcast, is a daily, twenty-to-forty-minute show in which Pomp and his brothers talk through the latest happenings with Bitcoin. They crack jokes while storming through data and charts. Crucially, Pomp always explains what it all means for the layman.

He also regularly hosts Dylan LeClair, Head of Market Research at Bitcoin Magazine. Pomp and Dylan break down the Bitcoin market with confidence and precision so that anyone can understand it.

Pomp is also passionate about investing. He interviews entrepreneurs on the cutting edge of technology. If innovation excites you, check out his interview with Cathie Wood of Ark Invest.

The Pomp Podcast is perfect for your daily commute. It’s short, light, and covers the latest news on all things Bitcoin. Best of all, you’ll have a good time.

What Bitcoin Did

Former digital marketer Peter McCormack comes off as an amiable, curious guy. His podcast, What Bitcoin Did, comes out three times a week. He picks the brains of the most influential minds in the Bitcoin scene. He usually defers to the guest’s expertise and asks the questions that laypeople would want to ask.

What Bitcoin Did is not purely philosophical, like Breedlove’s show or Saifedean’s show, nor is it solely about current events, like Pomp’s show. Rather, McCormack covers anything and everything. Sometimes it’s current events, and sometimes it’s about Bitcoin fundamentals. He even talks about politics, culture, and what the future might hold. This podcast is ideal for someone who doesn’t want to listen to the same explanation of Bitcoin over and over again. McCormack offers a nice combination of variety and depth that both Bitcoin purists and dabblers will enjoy.

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