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Sazmining Brings on Bitcoin Mining Guru, Brian Snyder, as COO

Introducing Brian Snyder, the new COO of Sazmining

Brian Snyder will be joining the Sazmining team as its Chief of Operations. Snyder will be running facility operations, control processes, supervise engineering and provide support for company operations from the technology side. Basically all things to do with facility management and operations, along with the evaluation of potential acquisitions. Snyder wants to ensure Sazmining does not fall victim to the same pitfalls as other large scale mining operations by limiting the hiring of third parties that mismanage equipment and cause losses in revenues and provide the necessary input on running the facility better internally.

Brian Snyder is an experienced entrepreneur focused on optimizing systems and processes for complex integration systems. Brian brings his engineering expertise, crossing spanning several technological vertices, to the field of mining with low costs, scalability, sound engineering and longevity of equipment in mind.

“Brian has been one of Sazmining’s most impactful new hires. His deep experience with maintaining profitable Bitcoin data centers regardless of poor market conditions makes him a key acquisition that will help fulfill Sazmining’s vision to become a backbone of the Internet of Value.” — William Szamosszegi, CEO of Sazmining Inc.

Managing over 50 MW of mining worldwide for private customers, he was able to maintain high performance and high uptime leading to large profits even in low profitability mining times. His experience managing mega-
deployments, scaling teams, and using out-of-the-box thinking has allowed him to stay ahead of the competition

His focus recently shifted to merging energy production with mining by going straight to the source for power generation and eliminating middle men. Brian continues to stay ahead of the competition by focusing on infrastructure and manufacturing supporting products which have allowed his businesses to thrive in any market condition.

Brian’s passion for cryptocurrency coupled with his in-depth knowledge of crypto-mining, real engineering, and operations makes him true expert in the mining field. Brian has two sons, enjoys hiking, camping, and traveling. His main ambition is building cost efficient and stable datacenters for bitcoin miners to improve longevity of equipment.

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