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Sazmining Press Release By Janet Kim

October 22, 2019
Washington, D.C. –
Sazmining is employing all cryptocurrency mining best practices to become a major player in the industry. The company focuses on multi-sig wallet management, engineering services, operational excellence, accounting services and investor protection. The company is working on a handful of joint ventures and is offering consulting services to a selective group of large cryptocurrency miners.

Sazmining is distinguished by its full-service approach to building and improving
mining operations for clients. Partnering with other companies and mining startups,
Sazmining can vertically integrate best-practices for running a successful crypto-mining

Sazmining Inc. allows institutional investors to gain exposure to digital assets
through investments in hard, data-processing assets. The company is here to help you
make big moves in the world of cryptocurrency- to diversify your portfolio, benefit from
society’s technologically advancing landscape, and shape the future with ownership
within the BTC network.

Sazmining CEO, William Szamosszegi, will be presenting a Keynote at the WCC Mining
conference on Wednesday, October 30 st at 2pm in the Brella Room. Sazmining’s CFO,
Dustin Holden, and COO, Brian Snyder, will be presenting on a panel at 2:15pm
following the Keynote. The company will also have a booth at the conference location
#20B. Come look for us in the exhibit hall. We look forward to connecting with you in

You can learn more about Sazmining by following them online:
Sazmining Twitter
Sazmining LinkedIn
Sazmining Homepage
Sazmining Outreach

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